About the Magazine

From Glasgow to Saturn is a literary journal at the University of Glasgow. Based in the English Literature department, and run by students of the university’s Creative Writing Programme,  we publish prose fiction, poetry, spoken word performance, essays, and articles on the craft of writing. We also feature illustration, graphic design, and photography, as well as audio and video productions.

We aim to showcase work by current students and staff of Glasgow University and the Glasgow School of Art. We publish both undergraduate and postgraduate work. We also publish work by alumni (of any and all courses, including short and continuing education), and current/former members of staff.

Originally established in 2007, the magazine has a compelling and impressive history. Past contributors include Alan Bissett, Rodge Glass, Karen Campbell, Kirsty Logan, John Jennett, Zoë Strachan, Laura Marney and Elizabeth Reeder. You will find their work, along with lots more, in the archives of previous issues.

If you are interested in submitting, please consult our submission guidelines.


Meredith MacLeod Davidson | Leah Sinforiani | Rachel Smith | Leonie Staartjes | Lucy Lauder



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