The next deadline for submissions is July 23rd, 2017. 

Any present or past student or staff member of the University of Glasgow may submit to From Glasgow to Saturn. We welcome prose fiction, poetry and essays.

All submissions should fit the following criteria:

  • Prose fiction – One piece. 3,000 words is the upper limit, but we welcome much shorter pieces also. Please include a brief synopsis if you’re submitting an extract from a longer piece, such as a novel.
  • Poetry – You may submit up to 3 poems at a time, with a maximum total length of 120 lines.
  • Essays – We’re looking for book reviews, lyrical essays and articles on the craft of creative writing: 1,000 words at the most.
  • You may make one submission in each of these categories at any one time – that is, one piece of prose fiction and/or up to 3 poems and/or one essay. Please submit work under each category separately.

We also accept artwork, including illustrations, graphic art, and photography. This is a fantastic opportunity for the best emerging artists to publish their work. All artwork needs to be 300 dpi and size A4 dimensions.

As of October 2016, we also accept audio and video submissions, including spoken poetry. This will be featured on our website, Facebook, and Twitter accounts.

Standard courtesies:

  • Please attach your work in .doc or .docx format only.
  • All submissions should be in 12pt text, plain font, with no lapses in spelling or grammar.
  • Your submission should not contain your name in the body text, header, or anywhere else within the document. This helps us keep the submission process anonymous.
  • Please title your .doc file: LastName_”Title”_Category

In the body of your mail, include:

  • the title of each piece
  • contact details
  • a brief third person biography (maximum 100 words)
  • details of your affiliation with the University of Glasgow (student or staff, present or alumnus, Faculty or College, dates). Please note that without confirmation of your affiliation to the University, we cannot consider your work for submission.

Violence and scenes of a sexual nature are fine only if they develop character or move forward the plot in some way. We won’t print anything gratuitous.

We will consider simultaneous submissions, but please notify us immediately if your submission is accepted elsewhere.

A friendly warning for current students: do not submit anything which you intend to use for a marked university assignment. If we publish your work in From Glasgow to Saturn, it may not be eligible for portfolios.

Send a separate email for each category in which you are submitting – in other words, your enthralling story and your 3 breathtaking poems should be submitted in two separate emails.

Work is considered for publication after the submission deadline, and we will get back to you with a decision as soon as possible after this date. Please read our terms and conditions prior to submitting work.

Our email address is

Sadly, we are unable to pay contributors, but all published writers will receive a free copy of the journal and will be invited to read at our launch parties, which we aim to hold three times a year.