The Rise of the Online Literary Magazine

Our friends at Friction Magazine and Journal have published an article linked to From Glasgow to Saturn in their new issue, which may be of interest. Friction is the creative writing journal of Newcastle University and boasts excellent non-fiction articles as well as prose and poetry.

The article is called The Rise of the Online Literary Magazine:

Reports of the death of the book are greatly exaggerated; but there is no denying that the Internet is changing the literary and publishing scene, and not wholly for the better. Emerging and aspiring writers are finding it difficult to compete with the annual deluge of celebrity ghost-written biographies, cultish parodies and novelty drivel which is bought in three-for-two promotions each winter with festive zeal. Is it any wonder publishers commit fat chunks of their budgets towards these, rather than ushering unknown writers towards an uninterested public?

You can read the full article here.