Japanese Charity Anthology

Our friends at Glasgow Writers for Japan urge you to consider sending in work for an upcoming charity anthology aimed at raising funds for those affected by recent events in Japan.

From the website:

This has been exciting week for our fledgling charity anthology, which seems to be growing daily into something very real and worthwhile.

We now have submissions from 24 talented and fantastic writers, which is an overwhelming amount to receive in such a short space of time. There is a wonderful variety of prose and poetry within this selection, and we’re delighted to be in possession of some brilliant pieces.

We have also had interesting and helpful meetings with two publishing houses, and there is a lot to consider, we but hope soon to be able to make an announcement regarding this. Ideally we will ensure the anthology is available for sale in paperback sometime in the summer in order to start generating funds for charity.

If you haven’t yet sent us in work, don’t worry! There’s still time! We’ll be accepting submissions right up until April 17th, so if you want to be involved please email us before then (and familiarise yourself with our submission guidelines).

Email your work to writersglasgowjapan@yahoo.co.uk in a .doc or .rtf attachment.

Remember, you don’t have to wait for the book to come out to contribute to the relief fund; the Red Cross are taking donations online now.