Readership 2011

Ok folks, our site stats are in for 2011, and this is how it looks.

  • We had 22,000 hits in 2011, which equates to an average of roughly 60 per day.
  • The most commonly viewed page was Download – the people who visit the site are clearly here to read.
  • The majority of our hits are from within the UK, but we’re also attracting attention from across the globe, including the USA, Hong Kong, Australia and Brazil.
  • In the 48 hours after our most recent issue went live in December 2011 we had 1,461 visitors to the site, and the majority of those visitors went straight to the Download button.

So, you lovely writers out there, it’s time to get your fabulous work out into the big, wide world, where it belongs.  22,000 people are waiting to read it.

Siobhan Staples|Megan Primrose|Paul Deaton