Issue 26:Transformation online

We’re proud to present Issue 26 of From Glasgow to Saturn, the magazine’s first ever themed issue.

The response to our theme of ‘transformation’ has been fascinating, with so many different interpretations of one single word from so many brilliant writers, and we’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who submitted work for this issue.

What we chose to include in the end was the writing that took us to another place. In some cases this was literal – of the five stories published here, four are set outside of the UK – and in others more figurative, the writer taking us to the darkest recesses of the human experience. 

We’re delighted to present to you writing from James Carson, George Craig, John Horn, Vivien Jones, Sarah Lowndes, Gillean McDougall, John O’Donnell, Hayley Rushing, Sandra Webster and JL Williams.  Issue 26 also includes another fascination Quick View interview, this time from ex-police officer and Glaswegian writer Karen Campbell.

Happy reading!

Siobhan Staples | Megan Primrose | Paul Deaton