Issue 33, a collaboration, and a party

Issue 33 is here!

Our beautiful cover was drawn by Weaam Sperinck, a graduate of Glasgow’s School of Art.

Our new design, as well as the first ever print copy of From Glasgow to Saturn, was put together by David Rae.

Thank you to both of them for their excellent illustrations.

We will be holding a party to launch this issue at The Bank Street Bar and Cafe on Monday 10th March.  We hope to see you there, where you’ll be able to pick up one of the aforementioned print copies.

And, finally, submissions for issue 34 are now open. We’re looking for something specific with this issue: we are focusing on the Commonwealth. Hit us with everything you’ve got- we want poetry, we want prose, we want essays and experiments. We want positive, negative and everything in between. If you’d like to be considered for Commonwealth Voices as well, please do let us know. Details can be found here.

Happy reading!