Fun And Paper Frolics

MLitt Creative Writing student JoAnne McKay will be running a pamphlet making workshop on Wednesday 20th April in the Edwin Morgan Room, starting at 10am and finishing at 4.30pm.  It’s free, and will be very informal.

All you need to do is bring some basic stuff and some writing, and you can produce your own works of art. Literally.

There are plans afoot to hold a Reading Party at The Museum of Anatomy in May at which the day’s productions can be displayed.

For more details, or to signal your interest, e-mail JoAnne McKay at

Fun And Paper Frolics in the Edwin Morgan Room

Making poetry pamphlets / prose pamphlets / altered books and possibly even artist’s books.

Date: Wednesday 20th April 2011

Time: 10am to 4.30pm

Venue: Edwin Morgan Room, 4, University Gardens.

The workshop is free, very informal, and open to anyone on the Creative Writing Programme.

You will absolutely need:

1.      A pencil

2.      A 12-inch ruler

3.      A pair of scissors

4.      A nice pen for writing with (good felt-tip fineliner or fountain pen)

5.      Your writing (see below)

These things will be useful and save on the fisticuffs:

1.      Double sided sellotape. Bostik ‘Sticki tape – double sided tape on a roller’ is good for fine work, Scotch double sided tape (on a roller) good for more substantial stuff.

2.      PVA glue with the easiest, least messy dispenser. Children’s is fine.

3.      A tapestry needle

Your Writing:

Bring several copies of many pieces of writing. Different size fonts means you have more options with how to place them into books (this is a simple, physical cut and paste, so the better your paper the better your result).

For short pieces, hand writing is fine and easily achievable. You can also stencil letters, or cut letters from other printed sources.

If it’s a pamphlet you’re after (the more obvious choice for prose and possibly a collection of poems) you’ll need to print it out correctly. Pamphlets are usually an A4 sheet folded in two, to form 4 sides of A5. Add more sheets, pamphlet gets bigger. Needs some serious calculation and the right software to get the right pages in the right places. Numbering the pages as you go makes it easier to get it right.

You can also make ‘spines’ for A4 sheets, so don’t worry if you can’t do the above. Print out with a wider left-hand margin than usual.

Brainwaves on the day are fine. Or using poems of long dead poets.

Any questions, do please get in touch.

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