Auditions for Three Short Films

A message from our friends at story2script2screen:

We are now holding auditions for individuals that would like to be involved in our three short films.

Auditions will be held on Tuesday the 25th of January from 2pm till 4pm. We will let you know as soon as possible as to where the auditions will be held, although we can confirm they will more than likely be held within Glasgow University. These auditions however are open to both students and non-students alike.

We kindly welcome any actor interested to sign up for a time by replying to this group with your full name, email address and the time you wish to attend from the scheduled times below (please read other replies to ensure that you do not sign up for a time already taken by another auditionee). A full sign up list/schedule will also be posted on the door on the day and you are welcome to sign up then although we urge you to sign up in advance so that you are not disappointed. Advanced sign up will end on the morning of the auditions at 10am.

We will then send out the finalised schedule.

A possible second audition may be held later, however, this is not definite so if you can make this one please attend.

Actors are asked to prepare a short (1 to 5 minute) monologue of their choice prior to the auditions.



We apologise for the short notice of this audition but hope that you can make it.

After the auditions have been held a short list will be produced and times/dates of filming discussed with the various directors. We will then contact you in due course to inform you of whether you have been successful or not. If you have been successful times/dates will be discuss to make sure that you are in fact available to attend filming etc.

Thank you and we greatly anticipate meeting you all.

Story 2 Script 2 Screen is a collaborative project in the Creative Writing Masters Programme at the University of Glasgow.

The project aims to take 3-4 short stories and convert them in to scripts and then into short films to be shown at a screening later in the year.

We also intend to take these film’s as part of a show exploring the creative process behind the project to both the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and The Glasgow Film Festival.

We now have sufficient short stories and have since converted these to scripts.

Whilst some directors have already been approached anyone interested in directing these short films should email

We are currently seeking actors for these shorts. Applications can be made via email or by simply signing up for an audition slot in the events section of this group. Initial auditions will be held on Tuesday the 25th of January 2011.

For more information please contact Zoe White and Livia Larrabee at: