Ask Louise

Louise Welsh, the new writer in residence for the University of Glasgow and Glasgow School of Art, has joined From Glasgow to Saturn! As part of her role at the university Louise has agreed to pen a monthly column for us in which she address the concerns, queries and dilemmas of you, our avid reader. Think of her as a friendly literary agony aunt.

This is a fantastic opportunity to pick the brains of one of our bestselling novelists (The Cutting Room, Tamburlaine Must Die, The Bullet Trick, Naming the Bones) about your writing conundrums.

Struggling to create realistic characters? Wondering how to create tension in your story? Need help overcoming the dreaded block? Email us at and put ‘ASK LOUISE’ in the subject line. Louise will sift through and answer the best of your questions every month, here in From Glasgow to Saturn.

For more information, visit