Issue 19

Dear readers,

It is with great excitement that we present Issue 19 of From Glasgow to Saturn for your reading enjoyment. This contains a selection of prose and poetry from the various talents of Iain Maloney, Mairi McCloud, Amy Rafferty, Bethany Anderson, Elly Farrelly, Donald Ferguson, Vivien Jones, Nasim Marie Jafry, Paul Joseph Abbott, Ellen Glasgow, Katy McAulay and Mandy Haggith. To download your free copy of the magazine, visit

Issue 19 also contains the debut column of Louise Welsh, the bestselling author of The Cutting Room, Tamburlaine Must Die, The Bullet Trick and Naming the Bones, and the university’s new Writer in Residence. She has agreed to turn agony aunt and lend her expert opinion to writers seeking guidance. Whatever you are having bookish problems with, be it characterisation, tension, plot or motivation, she is here to help. For details on how to pitch your own dilemma to Louise for future issues, please visit

Many thanks to those who submitted work for our consideration. We are continuously intrigued and impressed by Glasgow University’s students and alumni, and thrive on the quality being produced. We are beginning work on Issue 20, due out next month, so if you have not heard back from us regarding your submission, you can expect to do so within the next few weeks.

Keep an eye out for imminent details of a February Reading Party, and feel free to say hello on facebook, twitter and of course via email. Please continue sending us your stories and verses for publication; without submissions we are nothing, and this is your magazine – make of it what you will.

With good wishes,

Alan, Nick & Sheila