Issue 30 is now available online

Our milestone 30th issue is now available to download.We chose the theme of independence, not because we wanted to conduct a straw poll among writers, but because the word itself means so much to so many. As you’ll see from reading this issue it is a word that can inspire as much as it can provoke. There are stories here of fraternal bonds, of men who will commit unspeakable acts to regain some semblance of independence, of those who cannot give up their independence, or those who cannot control it. There is undoubtedly a more political edge to this issue, and as a politically neutral magazine, it is a pity we saw so few submissions highlighting the perceived benefits of remaining part of the Union. That in itself tells us something of the mood of Scottish writers though.

Whatever happens to our country next year, our literature has a bright future and this issue encompasses the work of some of Scotland’s most talented writers.

We hope you enjoy the issue! It’s available to download here:

Shaunagh Jones | Calum Maclean | Kevin Scott