Call for Submissions: Writing & Art

With another academic year upon us, submissions for issue 32 are now open. 

We love to feature the best emerging artists in From Glasgow to Saturn, and we are looking for illustrations, graphic art or photography for our covers. This is a great opportunity to publicise your work; our website has had over 30,000 hits in total. The artwork dimensions would need to be A4 size, 300 dpi. 

Submissions are also open for writing. We’re looking for beautiful, well-constructed stories, poems and essays. The deadline for submissions of both writing and artwork is Friday 18th October. While we are looking forward to reading each and every submission, themed or not, we would especially like to see writing (and artwork) with the theme of Hallowe’en- think spooky, spine-tingling, and shuddersome. 

For details of how to submit please visit

And before submitting, please familiarise yourself with the magazine by visiting where a full archive of all past issues is available.

As well as providing a platform for established writers, this year’s magazines will also give new writers the opportunity to make their publishing debuts, and we exist to help these writers shine.

We look forward to receiving your work.


Submissions Deadline

With the first issue of the new From Glasgow to Saturn due to be published around November 5th, we would like to advise anyone wishing to submit work to have done so before October 25th. Any pieces received after this date may be carried over to the next issue.

The submissions we have received so far include several high quality pieces from a variety of students, staff and alumni. See our submission guidelines for more details of how to get your own work published.

We need your prose fiction, poetry and essays in order to showcase the talent contained within the University of Glasgow.

We look forward to receiving your submissions.

Alan Gillespie | Nick Boreham | Sheila Millar