FGTS hosts CW Reading Party

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From Glasgow to Saturn was asked to host a special Reading Party last week, to welcome the Creative Writing Programme’s new students. The students were treated to fabulous readings from current students, staff & recent graduates (a huge thank you to Elizabeth Reeder, Kerri McLawlin, Emily Munro, Alan Gillespie, Bethany Anderson & Laura Marney).  The evening also featured music from singer-songwriter and GU graduate Jo Mango, and we even made cake.  Thank you to all the CW students who came along and made it such a great evening.  We had fun, so watch this space for details of another FGTS reading party later in the term for all you lovely subscribers and contributors.

Siobhan Staples, Megan Primrose & Paul Deaton



As the dust settles and submissions begin to tumble in for Issue 18 (due to be released on November 29th), we’d like to take a moment to thank everyone who has contributed to, downloaded and supported this fledgling magazine. The number of visits to the website over the weekend was staggering, and we’re grateful to those who have helped to promote and spread the word.

We’d love to now receive some feedback from our readers and subscribers, so that our next issue can be even better than the last. Your comments, suggestions, criticisms and nitpicks will be gratefully taken on board, as of course will any glowing recommendations and/or tributes of soaring lyrical praise. Feel free to get in touch via the comments below or at our email address, fromglasgowtosaturn@glasgow.ac.uk.
And don’t forget to send your poetry, prose and (especially) essays on the craft of writing to the same address. We’re reading submissions on a rolling basis and need quality writing for the next batch of delicious Glasgowy goodness.

We also have a shiny new twitter account, so please do come along and say hello @glasgow2saturn.

All the best,

Alan, Nick and Sheila

Issue 17 Online Now

The editors are pleased to announce publication of the 17th issue of From Glasgow to Saturn. We have put together what we feel is an excellent collection of short fiction and poetry by present and past staff and students, including Alan Bissett, Rodge Glass, Anneliese Mackintosh, Raymond Soltysek, Duncan Muir, Julie Martis, Mukul Dahal, Paul Abbott, Amy Anderson, Miles Beard and Patrick Holloway.

You can read online, or download your free copy, here.

Many thanks to those of you who submitted work. The standards of writing were suitably impressive, so if your piece did not find a home in this issue, please do try again in the future. Work has begun already on Issue 18, which we hope to have ready in the first week of December. We’re open to submissions and read on an ongoing basis.

Happy reading!

Alan Gillespie | Nick Boreham | Sheila Millar

Submissions Deadline

With the first issue of the new From Glasgow to Saturn due to be published around November 5th, we would like to advise anyone wishing to submit work to have done so before October 25th. Any pieces received after this date may be carried over to the next issue.

The submissions we have received so far include several high quality pieces from a variety of students, staff and alumni. See our submission guidelines for more details of how to get your own work published.

We need your prose fiction, poetry and essays in order to showcase the talent contained within the University of Glasgow.

We look forward to receiving your submissions.

Alan Gillespie | Nick Boreham | Sheila Millar




From Glasgow to Saturn is looking forward to receiving submissions of prose fiction, poetry and essays from staff, alumni, and of course current students of the University of Glasgow. You don’t even have to be on the university’s Creative Writing program to get involved. Let’s see what tomorrow’s doctors and lawyers have to contribute, our philosophers and our sociologists.

This is your publication. If you have anything to add to the website, or want to get involved, please get in touch. From Glasgow to Saturn should be a varied, fascinating and eclectic publication for all involved with the university, so please submit your best work, read the issues and spread the word.

From Glasgow to Saturn is named after the collection of poems by Edwin Morgan, who sadly passed away earlier this year. As a tribute to his legacy at the university, we’ve included a page dedicated to his life and work.

Alan Gillespie | Nick Boreham | Sheila Millar



15th Anniversary Celebration of Glasgow’s Creative Writing Program

Next month the Creative Writing program, which produces this magazine, is celebrating its 15th anniversary. There are readings and events planned throughout the month. Let’s just hope From Glasgow to Saturn has a new issue available by then!

For more information, see the University of Glasgow’s Creative Writing Program.