Issue 27 now online

We’re delighted, if a little sad, to present our last issue as editors of From Glasgow to Saturn, as we will shortly be handing over to the new editorial team.

Here in  Issue 27  you will find entertaining and thought-provoking work  from the talented creative minds of James Carson, Alan Gillespie, John Horn, Cathy McSporran, Sheila Millar, Louis Pilard, Andreea Ros and Fiona Wilson. We’re also delighted to have captured a Quick View from poet and roofer William Letford. We’ll say no more by way of introduction. Just enjoy.

All that remains now is for us to say a huge thank you to all our contributors and readers, and to invite you all to please give an enthusiastic welcome to From Glasgow to Saturns new editors, Kevin Scott, Calum Maclean and Shaunagh Jones, who will be announcing their plans for the autumn in due course.

Happy reading and goodbye!

Siobhan Staples | Megan Primrose | Paul Deaton


Issue 26 (themed issue): now open for submissions!

Calling all writers!

You may not have managed to make the deadline for Issue 25, but how about getting some poetry or prose in for Issue 26? It’s quite an exciting issue, as it will be our first EVER themed issue. We think our theme: TRANSFORMATION offers a lot of scope for interpretation and creativity.

The deadline for this issue is Monday 2nd April- so start scribbling away now! (Please see our submissions page for details on how to submit).

We’re looking forward to seeing the work our theme will inspire!

Megan Primrose |Siobhan Staples| Paul Deaton

Issue 25 now online

We’re proud to present Issue 25 of From Glasgow to Saturn, a selection of exciting original work from Colin Boyd, JoAnne McKay, Laura Brown,  Gill Davies, David Greaves, Jo Lennie, Aya Musbahi and Kevin Scott, along with a fascinating Quick View from TS Eliot prizewinner Jen Hadfield. Thanks to all these contributors for entrusting From Glasgow to Saturn with their words. We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we did, and we’ll see you at the reading party on Thursday!

Siobhan Staples | Megan Primrose | Paul Deaton

From Glasgow to Saturn Reading Party 1st March

FGTS Reading Party Invite March 2012

We’re all set for an evening of fabulous readings at The Anatomy Museum, 6-8pm, with appearances by Alan Bissett , Zoë Strachan, Kei Miller,  JL Williams , Richie McCaffery and Maggie Ritchie.  All we need now is you!  So print off the invite above (this includes directions to the Anatomy Museum), spread the word, and don’t forget to send us an email at to let us know you’re coming, just so we can keep an eye on numbers.

Look forward to seeing you there!

Siobhan Staples|Megan Primrose|Paul Deaton

PS Huge apologies to everyone who received our earlier non-sensical post. Technology ran away with us  for just a moment. Oops!

We’re having a Reading Party!

From Glasgow to Saturn Reading Party

6-8pm, Thursday 1st March

The Anatomy Museum, University of Glasgow

It’s been a long time coming, but we finally got our act together, booked a room and chatted up some lovely writers. A few bits and pieces still to be finalised, but we couldn’t wait to share the news that we’ve bagged a double delight of readings from both  Alan Bissett and Zoë Strachan.  And that for lovers of all things poetic, the wonderful  JL Williams will be presenting some of her amazing work, along with Richie McCaffery, whose poetry recently featured in Issue 24 of From Glasgow to Saturn.

More details, directions and RSVP arrangements to follow shortly, but get that date in your diaries!

Siobhan Staples|Megan Primrose|Paul Deaton

Hello from your new Glasgow to Saturn Editors!

We’ve hope you’ve all had a good summer and have been working hard on your brilliant story/poem/essay to submit for the next From Glasgow to Saturn issue.  We’re delighted to be taking over the magazine from the able hands of Alan, Nick & Sheila for the next twelve months.  Issue 23 will be coming your way in mid-October so we are now open for submissions (and thank you to those of you who have been submitting over the summer).  The deadline for submissions is 26th September.  Further information to follow shortly on our plans for the year- including reading parties, themed issues and more.

Siobhan Staples, Megan Primrose & Paul Deaton

Summer Issue Online Now!

Dear Readers,

It is with great pleasure that we present the long-awaited Issue 22 of From Glasgow to Saturn. This contains a selection of prose and poetry from the myriad talents of Catherine Baird, Patrick Holloway, R. A. Davis, Bethany Anderson, Izabela Ilowska, Siobhan Staples, Mizzy Hussain, Caroline Moir, Michelle Waering, Andrea Stout, G. W. Colkitto, Alan Bissett, Kathrine Sowerby, Katy McAulay, Mairi McCloud, Mark Fraser, Kirsty Neary, Anneliese Mackintosh, Katy Ewing, Matthew Baxter, Kirsty Logan, Gill Davies, Angela Blacklock-Brown, Elly Farrelly, George Craig, Thomas Walpole, Carol McKay, Evanglia Daskalaki and Vivien Jones.

You can read the poetry and prose online, or via our supershiny, free, downloadable pdf, which you can print off or upload to some kind of new-fangled e-reader gizmo or simply save to your desktop.

Cyril Connolly once said that there are two kinds of literary magazine: hotels and clubs. Hotels ‘fill up every week with a different clique.’ Clubs are occupied by a single clique whose purpose in life is to keep non-members out.[1]

Over our nine-month editorship of From Glasgow to Saturn, we have tried to be more of an hotel than a club. We have travelled in a different direction than James Byrne, editor of the ultra-clubbish The Wolf, who announced in a recent editorial that he will publish nothing but ‘demanding’ work which possesses ‘layers of multiplicity of meaning’; writing that ‘hovers among uncertainties.’[2]

In the hands of the present editors, From Glasgow to Saturn did not seek to promote (or discredit) any particular style of writing. We opened our doors equally to poetry that was free or accentual-syllabic, obscure or accessible. We had no preference for prose that was realistic instead of fantastic, gritty instead of uplifting. All we looked for was writing that worked.

So what kind of writing do we consider to work? Does a poem work if it makes the reader think deeply about the human condition? Does a story work if there’s a twist at the end the reader didn’t see coming? Ultimately, the judgment of what works is subjective; it is felt but cannot be explained; the editors’ judgment must be final, and like the decision of a jury, does not need to be justified.

In Issue 22, we offer poetry and prose pieces which, in our collective opinion, work well. Here you will find concrete verses, experimental formats, characters dark and delightful. We hope you enjoy the issue and find something that moves you. Please feel free to leave comments letting the writers and editors know what you make of the selection.

And with that, our task is complete. It is now time to hand over the editorship to a new and sparkling team: Paul Deaton, Megan Primrose and Siobhan Staples. We wish them well for the next incarnation of the University of Glasgow’s creative writing showcase, and look forward to their launch in the autumn.

With good wishes,

Alan Gillespie, Nick Boreham and Sheila Millar


[1] Cyril Connolly, ‘Fifty Years of Little Magazines’, Art and Literature 1 (1964).

[2] James Byrne, ‘Editorial’, The Wolf, issue 19 (2008), pp 2-3.

Issue 20 Online Now

Dear readers,

It is with great excitement that we present Issue 20 of From Glasgow to Saturn for your reading enjoyment. This contains a selection of prose and poetry from the various talents of Sophia Platts-Palmer, Patrick Holloway, Josi-Mari Zendoia, Katy Ewing, Evangelia Daskalaki, Marise Morse, Mark Fraser, Jenny Kanellopoulou, George Anderson, Paul Deaton, Tracy Patrick, JoAnne Ruby McKay, and Michelle Waering.

To download your free copy of the magazine, visit

There is a lot of poetry in this issue, but it is incredibly varied and eclectic.

Many thanks to those who submitted work for our consideration. We are continuously intrigued and impressed by Glasgow University’s students and alumni, and thrive on the quality being produced. We are beginning work on Issue 21, due out next month, so if you have not heard back from us regarding your submission, you can expect to do so within the next few weeks.

Feel free to say hello on facebook, twitter and of course via email. Please continue sending us your stories and verses for publication; without submissions we are nothing, and this is your magazine – make of it what you will.

Alan, Nick and Sheila